Back to Basics Yoga Retreat


In August we open Färjås Yogaretreats to weekly Back to Basics Yoga Retreats. In limited groups of eight people, you are offered full immersion into yoga as a spiritual path, back to the fundamental basics of life.

In close rapport to nature, we offer you a frame for rediscovering traditional yoga tools personal growth and harmony, far beyond the yoga mat. Nine years of running Färjås Yogaretretas as a yogic monestary has revealed how beauty, harmony and sacredness pour through everyday life, when we relate all actions to basic yogic principles. You are invited to experience how a slight shift of frame and perspective can bring about a massive change, and bring basic beauty and harmony to life.

For thousands of years yoga has offered loved methods for health and spiritual growth. Our Back to Basics Yoga Retreats aim to deepen your yoga practice, but also to deepen your experience of life itself as yoga. 

You will learn the basics of traditional yoga, becoming familiar with our subtle structure as the very instrument of yoga;

  • how does yoga actually work?  (understand the principle of resonance)
  • through what means do yoga work?  (know your subtle anatomy - chakras, nadis and koshas)
  • what is the goal of yoga? (know your self)
  • basic history of yoga and connection to other spiritual traditions
  • learn to make your own daily yoga program

You will also experience an authentic yogic lifestyle, offering you to learn first hand;

  • artisan vegetarian cooking
  • regenerative small scale farming (permaculture)
  • herbal medicine
  • bees, sheep, chicken

To make the most of your stay, we encourage you to try;

  • digital detox (leave your phone in our phone-box)
  • silence (every morning and one full day)
  • intermittent fasting (skip breakfast and let your digestive system to rest daily)

What is "Back to Basics Yoga Retreat"?

Our focus is your personal development at multiple levels; physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. In order for deepen the teachings in your heart, Back to Basics is offered as a regenerative summer vacation, with plenty of time for rest and rejuvenation in a non-demanding yogic community.

Färjås is a cradle of nature between Vallda and Särö, 30 km south of Gothenburg. As a yogic monestary Färjås Yogaretreats integrates the holy, the helthy and the wholesome in four cornerstones of activities; spiritual teachings and practice, inner and outer health, artistic creativity and engagement for a better society. In August we put the other activitioes aside, and open our doors for Back to Basics Yoga Retreats.

The retreat program offer daily yoga, meditation, karmayoga and teachings along with vegetarian meals and recreational time in nature. You are alsoe welcome to actively be part of the monastic life and learn more about regenerative permaculture farming, artrisan vegetarian cooking, harvesting and refining medicinal herbs etc, according to your interest and preferences. According to availability you are welcome to stay up to three weeks.

Please call Konrad on phone 0700 06 24 88 for further info, and welcome for a visit to know more before you make up your mind.

Daily program

08:00-09:00: Morning Meditation (optional)

09:00-11:00: Morning Yoga

11:00-12:00: Lecture/Q&A

13:00: Brunch

14:00-19:00: Free time to explore inner and outer nature, by yourself or the daily activities of Färjås Yogaretreats; gardening, cooking, feeding animals etc

19:00: Dinner

20:30-21:30: Lecture/Q&A

21:30-22:00: Evening Meditation

22:00- : Silence (optional)

Our yoga is based in the dynamic connection of consciousness and energy, while keeping the physical poses (asanas) static and long. For physical dynamic activities we encourage jogging, swimmig, chopping wood or climbing the mountain behind the house.

Morning Meditation is done in silence, and Evening Meditation is supported by music.

The retreat starts Monday at 14.00 and concludes Sunday at 16:00. You are welcome to arrive from 12:00 and stay after 16:00, to fit your rhythm and transportation. 


Rest and rejuvenation are important aspects of the Back to Basics Yoga retreats. You will have your own private room or cabbin, or can chose to share with a friend. For smaller groups (3-4 people) we offer Hanuman.

Single - and Double rooms

We have three guest rooms in teh main house, each with two seperate beds.


The rooms in the main house are close to toilet, bathroom, kitchen and yoga hall.

As standard you have the room for yoyurself, or you can chose to share it with a friend.

Ganesha and Pine house (1-2 pers)

Ganesha och Pine house are smaller wooden one-room cottages, where you find seclusion for your self or with your friend.

The cottages are simly furnished aith beds, desk and water kettle.

Ganesha has a double bed (140cm) and Pine house two seperate beds (90 cm). Toilet, bathroom, kitchen and yogahall are situatied in the mainhouse close by.

Hanuman (3-4 persons)

Hanuman is the bigger cottage with it s own kitchen and bathroom. Toilet is still in teh main house.

Hanuman has four beds, and fits smaller groups who know each other and want to share the experience of living together during the retreat. 

Availability and preliminary booking


You are always welcome to call us to know the availability for our retreats. You can also fill out the form below, as a preliminary booking. We wil then check if we can accomodate you in teh wished period and confirm your booking, that you only then can secure through your payment to bankgiro 5397-3145. For those who do not have aSwedish bank for the transfer, cash is an available option. 


For further info, please call (+46) 0700 06 24 88

2-8 Augusti (v. 31)
9-15 Augusti (v.32)
16-22 Augusti (v. 33)